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The Hidden Potential Project is a groundbreaking life and career-coaching program that leads at-risk teenagers to discover & realize their potential in life.

Every young person has a unique potential waiting to be discovered – a doctor, teacher, scientist, artist, world-leader…

Those who are lucky enough to discover and pursue their potential, have the best chance of achieving success, happiness and health in life.

Millions of young people throughout the United States are failing to discover and realize their potential.
In many inner-city schools across the nation:

As few as 40% of students graduate
African American and Hispanic male students are statistically more likely to go to prison than college
Lower-income students who get A’s on standardized tests go to college at the same rate as top-income students
who get D’s

Empowering our at-risk youth with the opportunity to discover and realize their potential will play a significant role in solving many of our country’s most pressing socio-economic problems, including: drug-use, crime, teen pregnancy and school drop-out.
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