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Our Story
Learning from experiences , we soon realized that career success is not guaranteed simply by identifying one’s potential:

They begin to understand that an individual must not only be aware of their strengths, but also their character weakness that will hinder them from reaching success, for example: fear, stubbornness, lack of persistence or lack of interest. They realized that it is essential for people to take active steps to develop their weaknesses in order to reach success in their field of potential.

They also discovered that it is important that the individual develops a clear understanding of who they are and what they really want in their life and that the career path they choose is ‘in-synch’ with those goals. Otherwise, if a person is not passionate or truly interested in the career they pursue, it is difficult to reach success and they will never feel truly happy or satisfied with their work.

They also discovered that it is important to have a broad understanding of the subject’s life –the importance of romance or relationships in a person’s life, the individual’s health condition and how the chosen career will influence their health and relationships.

Finally, they realized that they quickest and most effective way for people to develop in their career path is to ‘learn-by-doing’ through hands-on experience and the support of successful mentors and coaches.

During the next three summers, the trio runs a number of Hidden Potential programs together with non-profit organizations in Switzerland, England and Croatia. The success of these programs inspired them to pursue large-scale development of the program in the United States.

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