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The Program
The Hidden Potential Project’s life and career-coaching program takes place almost entirely over the internet, with Career Coaches and students meeting weekly via free Skype video-conference software. This delivery method gives us the flexibility to offer our programs to students throughout the country.

The program consists of three distinct modules:

Potential Discovery Course, 5 weeks
The aim of the course is to develop personal career and life goals and identify the student’s individual talents and optimal career choices.

Potential Planning Course, 5 weeks
The aim of the course is to develop an in-depth 3-year education and career plan, as well as a team of mentors to help the student succeed in following and completing the plan.

Life Technology Course, variable
This course is aimed at helping teenagers develop essential life skills in all area of life, including: maintaining personal physical and emotional health, building quality personal and professional relationships, developing essential career-related ‘soft-skills,’ such as: goal setting, motivation, persistence, determination, patience. The emphasis of this course is putting theory into practice in everyday life to bring about measurable improvement in life quality.
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