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Who do we work with
The Hidden Potential Project (HPP) strives to help those students who most need and most want help to improve themselves, break the cycle of poverty in their families, and achieve success in their lives.

Our target group is at-risk teenagers in the 9th and 10th grades, a time when many studies have shown that the majority of dropouts report loosing interest in school.

HPP participants also display a minimum of 4 of the key risk factors identified in the ‘Dropout Risk Factor’ report published by the National Dropout Prevention Center in May 2007. These risk-factors include: low socio-economic status, low parent involvement at school, low personal academic expectations, high risk peer groups and parents and/or siblings have dropped out of high school.

HPP works closely with guidance counselors and teachers to identify at-risk students who display a high level of personal potential, and yet who lack the resources, self-confidence, direction and individualized support to realize this potential.

Teachers consider four main criteria when submitting nominations, including: leadership qualities, students who demonstrate a ‘fighting spirit’ and determination to improve themselves, strong academic performance and personal performance ‘potential.’
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